Andrea Doyle, workplace mediator, conflict managerHi! I’m Andrea Doyle. I’m an author, presenter, workplace mediator and conflict manager. I’m also the proud owner of DOYLESolutions and of Maisy, my 5 yo Jack Russell dog (who features randomly in my posts).

I love working with people and I love life.

Andrea – the author

From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well was published in 2016. You can buy it now.

My personal goal is for workplace conflict to be managed with a focus on short-term and long-term strategies and benefits, and by setting out to write this book, I’ve sought to kick-start this movement.

Andrea – the presenter

I love presenting and can speak to 1 or 1000 to inform, educate, motivate and call to action. I have achieved an ATM (B) with Toastmasters International. I have successfully facilitated sessions as varied as team conflict, training and information sessions, a hypothetical and group consultations. See the Media page and Media Kit for further information.

Andrea – the workplace mediator and conflict manager

I specialise in helping employers manage conflict.

As an independent, skilled and experienced conflict manager, my 5-step conflict management process focuses on short-term and long-term strategies. In 95% of my mediations, participants leave agreeing on how they will work together.

I have trained, coached, assessed and mentored mediators aiming for national accreditation. I have been an accredited mediator with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General since 2005 and a nationally accredited mediator since 2008.

Andrea – the HR practitioner

I achieved my Master’s degree in Human Resource Management in 2008 and have been working in HR since 2004. I’ve experienced the pressures and workload HR Managers are under. And I know the benefits of managing conflicts well to avoid a formal complaint being lodged.

My skills, knowledge and experience are across the HR cycle and I am also a Certified Professional with the Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI).

Andrea – the blogger and vlogger

My weekly posts are full of tips and strategies you can use in the workplace before, during and after a workplace conflict. Here are tips you can use now. If you want to manage conflict better and never look back, sign up for the posts now. They come in written and video format.

Andrea – the Smallville regular contributor

I am excited to also be a regular contributor to Smallville.com.au. This website is for small business owners who think big. My articles cover a range of conflict management issues for Small Business owners.

Andrea – where I’ve worked

I have worked across many industries: administration, alternate dispute resolution, architecture, education, engineering, health, hospitality, manufacturing, media and telecommunications in private and public sectors.

Contact me now to find out how I can help you manage workplace conflict better