First time manager? Here’s how to avoid conflict

She’d never managed a team of people before. But when Brenda, was promoted, she knew she would have to manage a team of four. What was ahead of her? Brenda’s experience is relevant to all first time team leaders and if you’re like Brenda, you may not have had the opportunity to manage others before [...]

Can workplace bullying end in mediation?

I was recently asked whether a bullying complaint could be managed by a workplace mediation. Early in my mediation career, I would have said “No” with no more thought given to the question. But now, having more than ten years of experience across Human Resources (HR) as well as mediation, I have changed my opinion. [...]

What I’ve learned about people crying at work

What do you do when a team member starts crying in a 1-1 meeting? Do you: finish the meeting quickly because the crying makes you feel awkward? hand them some tissues and wait until they are ready to continue talking? avoid talking about that topic again with that team member? offer to coach them on [...]

A quick test on managing workplace conflict well

Take this quick quiz to ensure you know how managing workplace conflict can be done easily. 1. You should be encouraging conflict at work. TRUE – go to 3. FALSE – go to 12. 2. If workplace conflict is not managed or poorly managed, good staff will leave. If your business has a high turnover [...]

Managing conflict is just having a conversation

“I don’t know what to say.” “I don’t know what to do when someone starts crying (or screaming).” “My heart starts racing and my mind goes blank.” These are just some of the reasons I’ve heard from people when telling me why they don’t like conflict. As a result, they avoid conflict or if they [...]

First time manager? Here’s how to avoid conflict – part ii

In the previous post, we met Brenda - first time manager. To recap, Brenda actioned two strategies with her new team which placed her and her team in a good position for the future. These two “easy stuff” items were: Being specific with her team about the outcomes she expected them to achieve. Being specific with [...]

Conflict First Aid – do you know how to apply it?

What would you do if you were in your workplace and your colleagues started to verbally attack each other? Would you: a) let them get it out (this has been a long time coming) b) leave the room c) manage the situation so it doesn't get out of control? Hopefully you feel confident to answer c). So, how do [...]

The process of proactive peacemaking in your place of work

Peacemaking, in its simplest form, is a process which brings about peace between parties in conflict. Often used in global contexts, the term 'peacemaking' can also be used when referring to managing workplace conflict. As a conflict manager and workplace mediator, my purpose is to assist employers manage workplace conflict well. And employers desire peace, [...]

Which trait helps to address workplace conflict, once and for all?

I've trained and coached people across a variety of industries on strategies which can be used to address a workplace matter. Whether we've spent 1 hour together, 1 day together or 3 days together, I can provide them with the variety of strategies the world has to offer, but there is one trait we must [...]

Don’t sto. managing workplace conflict mi.-wa.

If you were to teach someone to drive, would you make sure you taught them how to drive forward as well as in reverse? The answer is obvious, isn't it. So, when managing workplace conflict, why do some people only do half the job ie the equivalent of teaching someone to drive forward only? Some [...]