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If you are looking for an engaging and interactive speaker for your next conference or function, Andrea Doyle can develop the conflict management knowledge of your attendees.

As a credible and experienced public speaker, Andrea loves presenting and can speak to 1 or 1000 to inform, educate, motivate and call to action. She has also successfully facilitated sessions as varied as team conflict, training and information sessions, a hypothetical and group consultations. Andrea delivers stories, tips and tricks to help the audience learn and remember.

Why Andrea Doyle?

Andrea was born talking.

She was a confident public speaker at school and her skills were further developed over fifteen years as a high school teacher. Thinking on her feet, keeping students awake and inspiring them to learn was due to her passion for developing people and also from her ability to easily engage her audience through humour.

During this time, Andrea also completed the development programs offered by Toastmasters International (TI) and she holds an ATM (B) from TI.

What can Andrea speak about?

Andrea’s interest, broad experience and knowledge on workplace conflict and conflict management is evident from her book From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well, her weekly posts and her contributor posts on Smallville.

Holding a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, being a nationally accredited mediator, an experienced HR manager and practitioner as well as author, Andrea knows workplace conflict from the inside and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Where has Andrea spoken?

Andrea has delivered numerous professional development sessions for mediators at the Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice and Attorney-General. She has spoken to the Australian Human Resources Institute network on the topic of Why Recommending Candidates with Conflict Management Skills Benefits All and presented at the National Mediation Conference on It’s time we started to manage workplace conflict better. For further examples, refer to Andrea’s Speaker’s Kit.

Andrea doesn’t even need a live audience – evident when she was a special guest on the Not Another Business Show podcast!

What is Andrea’s delivery style?

Andrea’s presentation experience of nearly 30 years has seen her engage and speak to people across generations, across cultures, across professions and across industries. Her ability to interact with an audience through a variety of strategies keeps them interested and involved.

Andrea uses humour in stories to enhance the learnings of the audience.

There is no “death by PowerPoint” when Andrea is presenting, otherwise she’d keel over too. PowerPoint may be used, but it’s not the sole focus of the presentation – the audience is.

Keeping her presentation skills up-to-date ensures Andrea’s delivery style is always fresh and fun.

Further information about Andrea

You will find further information on Andrea’s presentation skills in her Speaker’s Kit  and further information about the DOYLESolutions business on our Media page.

How to engage Andrea Doyle

If you are ready for an engaging, interactive presentation around workplace conflict or conflict management, contact Andrea Doyle now.

To confirm her speaker fee and to make a booking, contact Andrea directly by:


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