Conflict Management Process

Our 5 step conflict management process will be implemented if you recruit us as your conflict manager.

We want to empower your staff by developing their skills and knowledge so they can manage themselves confidently and capably next time they find themselves in conflict.

Our 5 step conflict management process

  1. Discover – we meet with each person involved in the conflict, 1-1 to identify the causes of the conflict
  2. Assess – we assess the overall situation and separate systemic/organisational issues from people issues
  3. Identify – we identify appropriate strategies to address the conflict both in the short-term and the long-term
  4. Implement – we implement strategies
  5. Review – we review progress of agreement implemented and skills developed.

Our weekly posts provide further information on managing workplace conflict as does Andrea’s book, From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well.

manage workplace conflict book