Conflict Management Training

DOYLESolutions provides conflict management training to individuals and groups.

What’s in our conflict management training program?

No two training programs from DOYLESolutions will be the same as each client comes with their own needs.

Our conflict management training programs are designed around these individual needs. To identify these needs, we undertake a skills gap analysis. This analysis identifies the skills the attendees already have and those which need developing (their gaps).

When the skills which need developing have been identified, a program will be designed to address these specific gaps. No time is wasted by unnecessarily going over skills or processes in which the attendee is already competent.

Who benefits from conflict management training?

Conflict management training is valuable for developing the skills of a:

  • person in your employment
  • person who has been a party in conflict
  • person who has been a participant in a mediation or facilitation
  • future leader or current leader
  • team.managing workplace conflict

Why consider conflict management training?

Conflict management training can provide employees with skills and processes they can use when they identify they are in conflict or need to manage a workplace conflict.

Being skilled in conflict management provides the following benefits to a workplace:

  • conflicts are managed early saving the HR manager’s/owner’s time later on
  • conflicts are managed early saving the reputation of the business
  • conflicts are managed early saving money in the event it escalates to a formal grievance or commission
  • those involved in the conflict have a high level of influence to negotiate an outcome which suits them
  • conflict should be encouraged to bring about new ideas and innovation but it needs to be managed well.

Where is the training held?

The location of training is negotiated with each client.

How is the training delivered?

Again, this is dependent on the needs of the client. We can deliver face-to-face or over the net. We strongly believe in participation by the attendees as our experience confirms the research that adults learn by doing. Expect our programs to be interactive.