Frequently Asked Questions

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team conflict

How is a conflict manager different to a mediator?

A mediator manages a process to assist 2 people to talk about their conflict by discussing what happened in the past, what’s happening now and how they’d like to work together after the mediation. Mediation is one strategy used to manage conflict.

A conflict manager identifies the root cause of the conflict and addresses those causes. A conflict manager separates structural issues from people issues. Structural issues may mean there is an inappropriate team structure. People issues could mean training or mediation  is needed. A conflict manager can identify, recommend and implement strategies to address both structural and people issues.


I have a team in conflict. Will you work with them?

Yes. When working with us, we always start with the same process whether the conflict is between 2 or among 3 or more. This process is known as Intake. Intake is a confidential, 1-1 process between the employee and the conflict manager.

Once completed, the conflict manager then assesses all information received to identify the root cause/s of the conflict. When the root cause/s are known, we separate structural issues from people issues and identify and implement appropriate strategies to address both areas.


If mediation is a short term solution, what’s the long term solution?

Yes, mediation is a short term solution to managing conflict as it enables the participants to talk about their issues and agree on how they’ll work together in the future. And it’s a valuable process.

But, because DOYLESolutions understands workplace conflict and people well, we know it will be challenging for employees to return to the workplace and implement their agreement on their own. We know their managers will be time poor. For this reason, we support the employees for the following 12 weeks with the implementation of their agreement and by identifying and addressing their conflict management skill gaps.


My staff in conflict are in remote/different locations. Will you work with them?

Yes. Managing conflict can be done face to face, over the phone and over the internet eg Skype. If you have a team in a remote location or you manage a virtual team, we can help manage their conflict.


Why use DOYLESolutions to manage workplace conflict?

With a Masters in Human Resource Management, being a nationally accredited mediator, an experienced Human Resource Manager and conflict management trainer, I understand workplaces and workplace conflict from the inside.

I have managed multicultural teams, teams across multiple locations and multigenerational teams. I have seen workplace conflict, managed workplace conflict and trained my staff to manage workplace conflict.

And as the author of From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well to be published in 2016, I share my experience and learnings in how I manage conflict in the short and long term.