From Conflict to Consensus:
Managing Workplace Conflict Well

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The Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of managing conflict, are the keys to success for time-poor HR managers – or anyone who manages people.

From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well makes managing workplace conflict easy.

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Andrea takes readers through an easy-to-follow process to manage workplace conflict. Her multi-disciplined approach focuses on conflict in both the short- and long-term, and will help anyone who is responsible for managing employees. Del Daly, HR Manager.

Caroline McGuire, AHRI State President Queensland has also written a review. Read Caroline’s review here.

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What this book will do for you:

  • Inspire you to manage workplace conflict better.
  • Help you identify if you need a mediator or a conflict manager.
  • Reveal what a conflict manager should offer you before, during and after a conflict to increase the chance of long-term success.
  • Explain how to manage workplace conflict better by combining change management, conflict management and human resource management principles.
  • Provide examples of short- and long-term strategies and case studies.
  • Demystify the mediation process – one short term strategy.

My personal goal is for workplace conflict to be managed with a focus on short-term and long-term strategies and benefits, and by setting out to write this book, I’ve sought to kick-start this movement.

Join me in wanting to manage workplace conflict better,

Andrea Doyle

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